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How to Turn Your Hookupcolombus.com a Hookup into a Real Relationship

How to Turn Your Hookupcolombus.com a Hookup into a Real Relationship

Finding someone for just a casual relationship status is much easier than searching for the serious one. While many are being committed to a casual hookup where there is no expectations required, still, there is a big chance to turn this casual into a real relationship. Maybe at first you, are doing it just for fun, yet in reality, there might be a possibility that you want your hookup relationship to be something more. Through your exchange of messages and several dates done, you might create a link between the two of you. That link that will lead you to a romantic relationship.

There might be instances that you have been confused about the feelings you have and with the words or gestures your partner are showing to you. So, you feel the want to have a real relationship. You are losing the idea of the reason why you started it and the desire to introduce as his/her girlfriend/boyfriend increases. Of course, there are ways on how you will turn your hookup into a real relationship.

Analyze Your Feelings

If you are thinking that you have the desire to have a serious relationship with that man/woman. Well, make sure that you really wanted to enter that kind of scenario--- a real one. Analyze your feelings by asking yourself of questions like “Is this just really for fun? Am I that ready to a long term commitment? Is my mood raises whenever I’m with him? Or do I feel good after we have parted away? Is he bringing the best for me? Am I respected”? By answering these questions, you will have ideas of what you really want. Yet, make sure that you will be in a relationship where you are happy without him/her, but happier when you are with him/her.

Make It Natural

Never put yourself into a situation where you are asking him/her what your status really is. It’s like you are savoring the moment whenever you are with him/her. Let things happen in a natural way and the progress will just follow. Because whenever a man/woman is interested about real commitment, they would be the one to make ways just to be with you.

Make a Light Approach

So, if your partner is not that quite ready, just maintain an open communication but, if you are confident enough to change the nature of your relationship, approach him/her and tell him/her about it in a light manner. Explain to him/her what kind of commitment you wanted and why. Defining what relationship means to you will him/her analyze the situation but never give him/her an ultimatum.

Create Something Mysterious

Though you are that excited about his/her messages or calls, never make it obvious. Do something so that he/she will realize your value whenever you are apart from each other. Let him/her know the worth of your time. With this, he/she will make an effort to see you around.

Show Your Care

There is no harm in showing your care towards him/her. Making him/her feel comfortable whenever he/she is with you will make him/her would be great. Show some concern about his/her interests, what he/she is saying and some things about his/her life. If he/she feels the compatibility and loves to be with you, he/she would not look for another man/woman.